Our Approach

Our philosophy is create amazing content for our clients.  Our Vision is to Produce truly memorable Stories that capture the imagination of our Clients Audience.

Our Story

Hollywood Animation Studios was conceived by founder Michael Spartan with a dream to produce State of the Art Animation and Visual Effects for Film, Television, Theme Parks, Gaming, and Virtual Reality. Read more below.

Michael Spartan was Born in North Hollywood to an Entertainment Family that dates back to the early 1900s. Both Grandparents on each side of His Family worked for Paramount, Universal, RKO, Warner Bros. and Desilu Studios. Michael's Grandfather known as "MAC" on the set worked for 25 Years as John Wayne and Clint Walker's Stunt Double appearing in over 1500 Productions and was the Lead Wrangler at Universal and Paramount Studios working with Frank Inn and Rudd Weatherwax. Michael grew up on the set aspiring to Work in Hollywood and would become a Studio Musician and Producer eventually forming the Pioneering Sci-Fi Heavy Metal Band DARKSTARR. Finding a need to produce Visual Effects for His Video's Spartan began producing CGI in 1990 when He met Newtek’s Founders Tim Jenison and Paul Montgomery. "We started With Lightwave 3D and The Video Toaster. Our CPU speed was .33 Megahertz. We Pioneered the 3-4D Visual Effects Industry while everyone was still using 2D and Flame". Being a huge Fan of Stanley Kubrick I was very fortunate to become friends with Director Herb Liteman RIP, who introduced me to Chis Condon RIP, The Inventor of the Silver Screen and the True Stereoscopic Lens System. Chris's Company was Stereovision. Together We produced a Stereoscopic 3D WW2  Movie/Comedy called "Magda The Gypsy Fortune Teller" Written and Directed by also Friend Gary Tomsic RIP. The Movie looked amazing We used Practical Effects, Tanks, Half Tracks and Pyro.  As I continued to Produce Visual Effects for the Industry I moved into 3-4D Stereoscopic Theme Park Ride Films and V.R. which was still in it's infancy. Newtek's Lightwave 3D provided direct V.R. output but the Hardware still wasn't there. This Technology paved the way for IMAX and REAL-D systems. 30 Years of Technological Advancements in Hollywood and We are Just getting Started" explains Spartan. Hollywood Animation Studios offers the very best in Visual Effects and Technology based upon Your production needs.

Meet the Team

Hollywood Animation Studios offers the Best in Visual Effects with an International Production Team that rivals the largest Production Studios in Hollywood.


Michael Spartan

Founder & CEO

Michael Spartan is the thunderous bass player and co-founder of the Heavy Metal group DARKSTARR, and Founder/CEO of Hollywood Animation Studios. He has been a Pioneer of 3-4D Animation and Special Effects, Virtual Reality, Hardware and Software Technologies for Music, Motion Pictures, Theme Parks, Artificial Intelligence, Gaming, and the Metaverse for over 35 Years.


Athena Marie

Vice President

Athena Marie is an accomplished Musician, Producer, Songwriter, Stage Performer and Business Woman. Athena is an expert in Marketing and created her own Makeup Line "Athena" a highly recognizable brand on the Internet. Athena produces Make-up tutorials and continues to write and produce Music with an amazing voice Her fans love and adore.

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