XENOS 11:11(2018)

In 2018 Writer/Director/Producer Michael Spartan and Sensation A.I. Films began the Journey of Producing the Full Length Science Fiction Thriller XENOS 11:11 in Northern California and Nevada. Primary Principal Photography would take place at the Dangerous Donner Summit at approximately 7000 Feet above Sea Level. This was not an easy feat and is very dangerous due to the extreme Weather Conditions including, Ice, Snow, Blizzards, Rain and Freezing Temperatures. Nevertheless The Director Cast and Crew Would tackle these dangerous conditions to create XENOS 11:11 and this Movie would dictate the Future of the World as You shall soon read and experience below. Michael Spartan/Executive Producer/Writer/Director.

SYNOPISIS - Michael Spartan 2017

A Group of Scientist hired by the Military to Conduct a series of experiments in the South Pole Discover an Alien Device intentionally buried in the Ice. After one of them Touches it they contract a Nano-Virus that spreads to everyone in the camp. The Nano-Virus Transforms their DNA into Bio Cybernetic Cells rendering them no longer Human. The Military having full knowledge of the Alien Species and they're Location intentionally placed the Scientists there as a Passive attempt to provoke Contact. As the Scientists conduct Tests on each other to try and discover a cure They begin to understand that what has happened may be the next enivitable evolution of the Human Species. Two of the Members of the Team work directly with the Military on a Black OPs Remote Viewing Program and attempt to make contact with the Alien Species.

There is a Climatic End to the Movie We will not Spoil. Join us in the Making of XENOS 11:11 Below.