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“SWITCHBACK” (IMDBpro) 2022 

“The Story of a Slave Who Gains HIs Freedom from Another Man's Salvation”.  

Written, Directed and Adapted for the Screen by Michael Spartan. 

Starring: Michael Spartan, Johnathon Woods, David Gibson, Saul Bridges, Preston Johnson. 

Featuring: Sharon Brinsko, Arron Willams, Rigo Felix, Dale Gibbs, Ernesto Rios, and Arvel Williams.  

The Film is still in the Pre-production and the Casting Phase. There will be additional Cast Members.  

Budget: Approximately ($1,000,000) USD, One Million Dollars in Pre-production, Production and Post-production Costs. This also includes Talent, Locations, Stunt Doubles, Wranglers and Critters. 

Upon Completion and Mastering, the Film/Movie will be submitted to Film Festivals including: The Hollywood Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival preparing it for an Oscar Run to be Considered by the Academy of Motion Pictures and Fine Arts. 

Executive Producer: Michael Spartan, 35 Year 3-4D Stereoscopic Film, Animation and Special Effects Pioneer, Producer and Director. Professional Musician/Producer and Stage Entertainer.  

Producers: Rob Campbell, Lisa Campbell and Rigo Felix. We anticipate more.  

Shot on Location at the beautiful 500 acre (Saluti Cellars Vinyard), in Sumerset California, and Sacramento California.  

Film Length: App. 90 Minutes. 

Film Format: This Movie will be produced in 12K Resolution using the State-of-the-Art Black Magic Camera Systems to achieve a Theatrical, IMAX, and Video on Demand Release. 

Audio/Sound/Foley/ADR Format: Sony ATOS 3D Sound/ Dolby ACL 6-way Surround Sound. 

Soundtracks and Underscore Composed, Produced and Recorded by Michael Spartan, with the possibility of additional licensing of Artists Music for the Movie.  

We are currently soliciting several Multi-Grammy Music Producers, including Multi-Grammy, Multi-Platinum Producer Derek Allen to provide additional Soundtracks for the Movie. Derek is Family 🙂 

Estimated Time of Principal Phtography Completion: 6-7 Months beginning the First Day of Principal Photography. This is barring any unforeseen circumstances, acts of God, or Nature.   

This Film will Feature over 20 Horseback Riders, Stunt Doubles, Horse Wranglers and Trainers. YeeHaw 

The Horses in the Movie are also Trained to perform Stunts and are conditioned for prop weapons ensuring safety during the production of the Movie. No Animals will be Harmed during production. 

This Movie will be insured to protect all Actors, Stunt Performers, Animals and Equipment. 


The Story takes place in South Carolina around the late 1890s on a SLAVE Plantation/Vinyard.  

Plot: The Plantation/Vinyard owner Sean McMackin is forced to sell one of His Slaves at Auction to raise money to save the Property He inherited from His Aunt and Uncle. SEAN is approximately 46 Years old 5-10 with Brown Hair and Medium build. Before inheriting the Property and Slaves SEAN’S former occupation was a Federal Marshall and Horse Rancher.  

After tearing His Slave and Foreman SOLOMEN GREEN from His Family the two Men set out to the Slave Auction. Solomen is in tow, wrists tied being drug along against His will to face the reality of being separated from His Family quite possibly forever.  

SOLOMEN GREEN is in His late 30s and was born into Slavery along of His Family. He bears the scars emotionally and physically from His past owners. 

As the two Men travel along the Countryside SOLOMEN pleads with His owner not to sell Him and take Him away from His family, but His pleas are ignored. 

During their Journey a Gang of Slave Police from North Carolina have crossed the Border into South Carolina. These Men are ruthless brutal killers that locate plantations, Kill the Owners, steal their Slaves then sell them at Auction.  

There is also a Federal Marshall Tracking the ruthless killers across the border hoping to take them dead or alive for the rewards.  

As the Sun sets on a beautiful Southern Sky SEAN and SOLOMEN settle down to camp for the night and have a plate of beans. SEAN begins drinking from a whiskey flask that belonged to His Father. Both Men fall asleep.  

Just a few miles away at the Devonshire Plantation a Husband and Wife are preparing to retire when the Plantation Police walk into their Home. Mr. Devonshire is Shot and killed. His Wife screams and runs out the door into the Yard where She is shot in the back by one of the ruthless Men killing Her also.  

The Killers then gather up the Slaves on the Property to take them to Auction and Sell them.  

Morning comes as Sun Rises painting the Sky with a Vibrant Rainbow of Color as SEAN wakes up and discovers He is tied up while Solomen is FREE.  

SEAN then Demands that SOLOMEN removes the ropes and Sets Him Free. This triggers SOLOMEN as HE laughs and dances around enjoying His very first taste of Freedom. 

Now the role reversal begins as SOLOMEN SHOUTS at SEAN SARCASTICALLY asking Him if He would like to be FREE as He dances around. 

Angered SOLOMEN decides that SEAN should endure the Punishment HE endured along the journey to the SLAVE AUCTION. He forces SEAN to get up and walk all Day in the Hot Sun.  

Along their Journey SOLOMEN quotes verses from the KING JAMES BIBLE educating SEAN on GOD’s stance against Slavery. After grueling hours in the Sun, exhausted and dehydrated SEAN is asking SOLOMEN for Water.  

SOLOMEN stops and gets off the Horse lecturing SEAN asking Him if He now knows how it feels to be a SLAVE and if He likes it. Cursing SEAN tells Him He is Going to SKIN SOLOMEN alive when He gets Free.  

SOLOMEN laughs knowing and declaring that SEAN cannot HURT Him for HE will not yield a fair price at the SLAVE AUCTION If He harms Him. SOLOMEN then hands SEAN the Canteen to Drink but pulls it way laughing and taunting Him. Finally, He gives SEAN the CANTEEN so He can quench His thirst.  

All of a sudden both Men hear Rifle and Pistol triggers lock back. Standing before them are the Plantation Slave Police. SOLOMEN is Shocked and Terrified. He knows holding a White Man hostage will surely get Him Hung if not Tortured and skinned alive.  

The Gang Leader asks SOLOMEN what He is Doing with a WHITE MAN tied up to His Horse. Speechless SOLOMEN looks around at the Treacherous MEN and as HE turns back a Rifle Butt Hits Him directly in the forehead knocking Him out. SOLOMEN wakes confused and bound again.  

Several Miles away FEDERAL MARSHALL JAMES BLACKHART is slowly closing in on the KILLERS, SEAN and SOLOMEN.  

Back at the Vinyard SARA walks outside approaching SEAN’S Horse wrangler and Friend DAVID ESSEX. 

SARA Explains to DAVID that SEAN has not returned in a timely manner. SARA asks if DAVID could ride out on Horseback to try and LOCATE HER HUSBAND. DAVID saddles up and leaves the Vinyard at a full gallop Headed in the direction of the SLAVE AUCTION located 25 Miles away.  

Night falls as the Plantation Police make camp and begin to drink and eat leaving SOLOMEN and SEAN tied up together nearby.  

A Conversation begins between Both SEAN and SOLOMEN comparing their Families past History and Tragedies. SEAN gets angered and reveals to SOLOMEN that He Inherited the VINYARD/PLANTATION from His Aunt and knew nothing about growing crops and caring for SLAVES.  

SEAN then reveals to SOLOMEN that HIS side of the FAMILY including HIS Mother and Father were IRISH and indentured Servants who were beaten, tortured and killed by their owners. BOTH Men begin to have empathy for each other and the past suffering their families have endured as SLAVES.  

As SEAN and SOLOMEN sit together the Plantation Police conspire to Kill SEAN and Force SOLOMEN to tell them where the His Plantation is so they can Steal SEAN’S Slaves and kill His Wife and Children. 

The next morning one of the Plantation Police is ordered to shoot SEAN then ride to catch up with the Gang after He has completed the treacherous act. SEAN is Shot and left for dead but unbeknownst to the Killer SEAN did not receive a deadly would. SEAN is eventually discovered by Federal MARSHAL JAMES BLACKHART who has been Hot on their trail. 

SEAN explains to the Marshal what had happened and asks if He would Help Him catch up to the Men and recover His Slave/Property. The Marshall agrees and after giving SEAN water and a weapon the two Men set out to track SOLOMEN down to rescue Him and arrest or kill the Plantation Slave Police.  

Eventually SEAN and MARSHAL BLACKHART catch up to the Killers and SOLOMEN as they Bed down for the night. Suddenly a noise is heard in the Brush as DAVID walks up gun drawn. DAVID asks SEAN if He is all right. It is then SEAN explains everything to DAVID. All three Men decide it’s time to storm the Camp of the Plantation Police taking no prisoners to rescue SOLOMEN. 

After a lengthy battle and shootout SOLOMEN is rescued. MARSALL BLACKHART thanks the Men for His Bounties and departs into the Sunrise.  

We will not reveal the Ending of the Movie as it is the “SPOILER”. We guarantee You will not be disappointed. 

“SWITCHBACK” has a tremendous opportunity to reach a World-wide Audience with mass appeal. The Story has a sociological impact depicting the brutality and duality of Slavery in the past and how it is associated with the contemporary problems we still face today in our Culture.  

Writer/Director and Executive Producer Michael Spartan has committed to complete this Project and license it to distributors so it may reach an International Audience.  

We thank You for taking the time to read this Treatment and We hope you are moved by the story and the potential to help People World-wide, understand the systemic problems we face today including racism, hatred, and Human Trafficking, which is still Slavery.  






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